Enroll & Register for Classes

The process to enroll in distance education courses at PCC is the same as face-to-face classes. You will need to register using LancerPoint, the online registration system.

If you’re a student living out of the state of California, please read this before you sign up for classes: Click to Read

SmarterMeasure Assessment

SmarterMeasure – Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator is a web-based, diagnostic tool that gives students immediate feedback about their strengths and weaknesses as they relate to online learning. The SmarterMeasure assessment measures six areas of readiness:

  • Life Factors
  • Individual Attributes
  • Learning Styles
  • On-Screen Reading Speed and Comprehension
  • Typing Speed and Accuracy
  • Technical Competency Skills

The assessment takes about 25-30 minutes to complete, although anyone taking the assessment does have the ability to log out and resume at a later date if he or she is unable to complete it the first time through.


Username: PCC
Password: lancers

Please include your PCC e-mail address: first name initial lastname@go.pasadena.edu
If you do not yet have a PCC email use your personal email.

Take the SmarterMeasure Assessment Test 

Registration is easy, here’s how:


If you aren’t a current student, you need to apply (enroll) to PCC:


Choose your classes in the Schedule of Classes.

    • If you are interested in taking a fully online course, select FULLY ONLINE in the SCHEDULE TYPE drop-down menu.
    • If you are interested in taking a hybrid course, select HYBRID in the SECTION TYPE drop-down menu.
    • If you are interested in taking a telecourse, select TELECOURSE in the SECTION TYPE drop-down menu.




Register for your class in LancerPoint.


Take note of any additional information or requirements for your course.

Look in the Schedule of Classes for on-campus meetings or other specific instructions, like emailing the instructor directly prior to the first day of class.


You’re all set. Start preparing for your distance education experience @PCC.

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