Faculty Login Instructions


You can access your class sections in Canvas for the upcoming term, ordinarily when registration opens for that term. All PCC sections are loaded. Student rosters are loaded 7 days before the class section meets. Students are added/dropped via LancerPoint and this is reflected in Canvas within 24 hours.


Your Canvas username and password is the same as what you use to access LancerPoint. For help with your LancerPoint username or password, go to Lancer Point Help.

Where to Login

Go directly to canvas.pasadena.edu/login
Click the Canvas icon on the top right after logging into LancerPoint.
Login from this web page by clicking Canvas Login:

Note: If the PCC website or network is down, you can always access Canvas directly at this web address and it will be accessible: https://canvas.pasadena.edu

Last Updated on: July 11, 2018 @ 11:31 am