Instructional Technology

There are many types of technological tools available to help you develop your online/hybrid and face-to-face classes:

Some of these tools integrate directly into the CANVAS LMS, while others require you to go to third-party websites. The icons described below will tell you which tools are supported by PCC, integrate into CANVAS or are external to the LMS.

Check Mark Icon The PCC LOGO means that PCC currently provides technical support and assistance for this application.
CANVAS Robot Icon The CANVAS ROBOT means that this application integrates directly with the CANVAS LMS. Some of these tools are already available in the PCC CANVAS system. For other tools, click on the APPS tab in the SETTINGS link on the course navigation menu, which has information about the tools available and how to integrate them.
Plus Sign Icon The GREEN ARROW means Additional/External Apps. These are free or fee-based tools that can help you add various media and community-building elements to your courses. PCC does not provide technical support for these applications — you’ll have to go directly to the app website to get technical assistance.

Technology Training

Go2Web 20 Link provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, and business skills. (PCC Employees Only) Check Mark Icon Plus Sign Icon
VTC is one of the world’s leading producers of online computer and software training, supplying individuals, businesses, education providers, and non-profit organizations with instant access to richly diverse courses of informative and inspiring tutorials.  Check Mark Icon

Tool Search

Go2Web 20 Link Go2Web20 provides an easy way to find the online tools or apps you need. You can search using a variety of tags or application types. Plus Sign Icon

Accessibility Checker

WAVE Link WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool checks the accessibility of online content by either entering in an URL on the WAVE website or downloading the WAVE Toolbar add-on for FireFox. Plus Sign Icon


CANVAS Logo ePortfolio is place in CANVAS where students can create collections of their work from their courses to either share with instructors and other class members, store privately, or save and download as a ZIP file.Outcomes directly align your course SLOs with your assessments. With this tool you can collect data about student progress and achievement as well as pinpoint at-risk students.Rubrics is an interactive tool where you can create and use course rubrics within the CANVAS LMS as well as link them directly to your assignments and Speedgrader.Speedgrader is an all-in-one grading system that allows you to see when assignments were submitted and grade assignments (in audio, written or video form) within a special browser. The SpeedGrader app can be downloaded from iTunes for the iPad for use on-the-go. Check Mark Icon CANVAS Robot Icon
Respondus Logo Respondus is an authoring tool that allows you to create, manage and edit assessments for online learning. Exam questions can be developed offline and exported directly to CANVAS. For face-to-face classes, there is a free version of Respondus, Respondus LE, which makes it easy to develop traditional printed tests. Check Mark Icon CANVAS Robot Icon


Camtasia Logo Camtasia is a tool which can be used to publish video lectures or demonstrations for teaching that can be either be recorded or shown in realtime. Camtasia can also be used in combination with PowerPoint to create narration for presentations, as well as transcribe audio tracks for captioning on videos created in Camtasia. Check Mark Icon Plus Sign Icon
Screencast-O-Matic Logo Screencast-O-Matic is a screen capture creator which you can use either online or by downloading to your computer. There are two plans to choose from – the free plan lets you record up to 15 minutes of video and then upload it to YouTube. Screencastomatic does have a captioning feature, alternately, videos can be uploaded and captioned in YouTube. Plus Sign Icon
Screencast-O-Matic Logo Screenr is an online free screencasting tool. All screencasts are stored publicly and can be uploaded to the web. Screenr videos can be uploaded and captioned in YouTube. Plus Sign Icon

Media/Interactive Materials Production

Animmoto Logo Animoto lets you combine and arrange text, images, music and videos into an animated slide show. Animoto Plus accounts are available free for educators. Videos created in Animoto Plus can be uploaded to YouTube and then captioned. Plus Sign Icon
Dipity Link Dipity is an interactive timeline generator. With Dipity you can import content from external websites/services (like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. or create your timeline directly on their site. Dipity Personal (the free version) lets you create up to 3 timelines and includes ad content. There are also subscription-based ad-free plans. Dipity offers a text and an RSS version of your timeline that comply with accessibility requirements. Plus Sign Icon
Quizlet Logo Quizlet is a way for students or instructors to create and share interactive content/vocabulary review materials like flash cards and simple interactive games. Search through the existing sets generate your own for free. Quizlet integrates with CANVAS as an external tool and offers an audio option for flashcards. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
SoftChalk logo SoftChalk is a tool that helps you create innovative and engaging course content. Multimedia, interactive activities and quizzes can be easily integrated into instructor-generated materials using the SoftChalk mash-up. Check Mark Icon CANVAS Robot Icon

Media Editing

Audacity Logo Audacity is a free open-source program available for download that lets you create and edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files. With Audacity you can also convert tapes and CDs to digital formats. Plus Sign Icon
Pixlr Logo Pixlr is a free fully online photo editor that lets you either upload images from your computer or grab images from the web. Plus Sign Icon
Pixorial Logo Pixorial is an online video editing program that lets you upload, edit and share (through a URL link or embed code) videos from your computer or mobile device. Pixorial integrates with several programs, including Facebook and Google Drive. Free and fee-based plans are available. Plus Sign Icon

Social Media

Delicious Logo Delicious is a social bookmarking website where you can collect and share favorite sites, multimedia, and tweets with others. Delicious has an easy to use bookmarklet to add to your browser toolbar to get you started after you sign up for your account. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
Diigo Logo Diigo is a Social Information Network — an advanced social bookmarking and research tool. With Diigo you can highlight the parts of web pages you found helpful by attaching a ‘sticky note’, share your research with others, as well as see more focused searches on a subject with related content. There are a variety of free and paid account types, including educator accounts. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
Facebook Logo Facebook is a social networking site where you can connect with students through status updates, course pages, online chats and messaging. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
LinkedIn Logo LinkedIn is a social networking website where you can upload your resume and easily connect with people who have similar professional interests. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
Ning Link Ning Mini is a one-stop social networking site. On Ning you can set up an online community where students can post, respond to and share content and ideas with blogs and status updates. Ning allows you to create either a public or closed system and easily integrate content from external sites. Usually a fee-based service, you can sign up for a free account through Ning Mini for Educators , which is now being sponsored by Pearson Education. Plus Sign Icon
Twitter Logo Twitter lets you connect quickly with and update your students for free. Each ‘tweet’ consists of 140 characters. Students can discuss and respond to content as well as easily follow each other. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon


Adobe Reader Logo Adobe Reader is a free program that allows you to view, print, sign and collaborate on PDF files. Plus Sign Icon
Google Productivity Logo Google Productivity has several fully online applications that let you create and share content. Google Docs is a suite of applications for generating documents, presentations spreadsheets and drawings. Google Calendar is an online calendar that you can use to sync with a range of applications and devices. CANVAS Robot Icon Plus Sign Icon
OpenOffice Logo OpenOffice is a free open-source productivity all-in-one program that includes wordprocessing, graphics, presentation, spreadsheet and database applications. It can easily convert and read all document formats and be used on all operating systems. OpenOffice also includes templates and additional extensions/applications for download. Plus Sign Icon
SlideShare Logo SlideShare Slideshare is an online platform for sharing, uploading, commenting on slide presentations. With Slideshare you can use and remix existing presentations and record audio into the slides to create a webcast .There is a free Basic version as well as subscription-based ad-free plans. Plus Sign Icon


CANVAS Logo Collaborations is an interactive tool that lets instructors and students work on, edit and share documents within the CANVAS LMS. Collaborations is also useful for creating asynchronous brainstorming activities.Conferencesallows you to chat, give lectures, hold office hours and have student groups meet synchronously. Currently you cannot save or archive Conferences in CANVAS. If you do wish to caption or archive a conference, it is best to use CCC Confer. Check Mark Icon CANVAS Robot Icon
CCC Confer Logo CCC Confer offers free online web-conferencing to California Community College faculty, staff, and students. With CCC Confer you can present and share information using video, audio and chat. Closed-captioning is available upon request, and presentations can be archived so that they can be accessed at anytime. Plus Sign Icon


Turnitin Logo Turnitin is a web-based service that identifies plagiarism in student work and can be used with the LMS.Turnitin assignments can be created and submitted directly in CANVAS. The software then completes an Originality Checking process that compares student work against internet and database sources. Check Mark Icon CANVAS Robot Icon
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