Distance Education Workshops

Training Opportunities:

PCC will no longer be offering training for online instruction, Canvas or facilitator training.

As of July 1, 2017 The DE department will have limited bandwidth until additional positions are made possible. To assist you in developing your online, hybrid and web enhanced programs below is listing of training opportunities and courses and faculty eligible to teach online.

Instructors who want training to teach online:

Experience Waivers – please find attached equivalency checklist

Previous Teaching

If you have taught online at another institution but not PCC, you may be eligible to waive some of the faculty training requirements. You will need to arrange a meeting with your Division Dean and the Director of Distance Education to discuss your experience and present a course (or courses) you have taught online. Your course should include all the required elements for an online course from PCC’s Rubric for Online Instruction (PDF) http://online.pasadena.edu/faculty/files/2012/05/ROI.pdf.

Even if you are released from some of the required coursework, you will need to complete one 3-hour CANVAS Training through @ONE. This training introduces you to CANVAS, PCC’s LMS (Learning Management System). Check out the Learn Canvas

Previous Coursework

If you haven’t taught online but have taken the equivalent coursework within the past 5 years, you may be eligible to waive some or all of the PCC training requirements.

Equivalent coursework means courses that cover the same content as the following four 4-week online classes offered by the @One Project http://onlinenetworkofeducators.org:


Instructors will need to contact the Distance Education Department and provide proof of completion as well as course descriptions.

If your coursework was more than 5 years ago, you will need to take all of the required training courses for New Online and Hybrid Instructors.

New Online/Hybrid Instructor Training

All new online/hybrid instructors will also need to take one CANVAS Training, through @One http://onefortraining.org/. This training introduces you to CANVAS, PCC’s LMS (Learning Management System). It is highly recommended that you take this before the Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning course.

External Training (@One)

@One Training

PCC requires a single 12-week @One courses to teach online/hybrid at the college called Online Education Standards & Practices (OESP) ($200). To view the course offering click the following link and search for the course:


It is also possible to take four individual 4-week courses through the @One Project to meet the training requirements. These online courses are Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning ($65), Introduction to Teaching with Canvas (free), Creating Accessible Course Content ($65), Assessing Digital Learning ($65).

See the full course catalog with course dates and registration links/information: https://catalog.onlinenetworkofeducators.org

You can complete the full @One Certificate at your option, but this is not necessary to teach online at PCC.

Note: The DE Dept. will reimburse the cost of these courses upon completion. Send a copy of your Certificate of Completion(S) and receipt(s) to Leslie Tirapelle showing payment once the coursework is completed.

The DE Dept. will not reimburse the cost if faculty choose to get credit for salary advancement at PCC (which are the Fresno Pacific courses).  If faculty do need credit units, they can pay for those on their own through Fresno Pacific  http://onlinenetworkofeducators.org/pd/earn-ce-credit 

Before you can teach an approved online or hybrid course for the first time, it must be formally reviewed and approved by the Distance Education Office and your Division Dean to ensure the course meets all College requirements.

Canvas Training

Look at @ONE training page https://catalog.onlinenetworkofeducators.org for updated training courses newest are listed below:

Facilitator Training – Model Courses

There will no longer be facilitator training offered at PCC. Model Courses are still available however most courses have been redesigned by facilitators and are not true Model Courses. My suggestion to Deans is to require facilitators take training as online training and any new instructor who wish to teach a Model Course take courses for online instructor.

Any change in Model course should come from Department and changes made by lead instructor.

Tools available through DE for all instructors:

http://online.pasadena.edu/faculty/instructionaltechnology/ – Please note the products that are supported, meaning DE can assist.

  1. Canvas
  2. Respondus
  3. Turnitin
  4. Camatasia –licenses available through DE, training available through Lynda.com
  5. Softchalk – Licenses available through DE, training and support through Softchalk
  6. SmartSparrow – Software available upon request, support through SmartSparrow
  7. Quest for Success Online Student available in each Canvas course
  8. Portfolium – now with gradebook integration

Self-paced Training

Student Resources

Canvas support & resources

CANVAS is Mobile!

Speed Grader Icon Instructure SpeedGrader™ allows faculty to grab their iPad to grade papers and assignments with ease.
IOS Canvas App The CANVAS IOS App. “It’s time to get in touch with your education. Your CANVAS content goes everywhere with you on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.”
Android Canvas App The Canvas for Android. It’s time to get in touch with your education. Your Canvas content goes everywhere with you on your Android device.
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