Training/Experience Requirements

PCC requires the completion of a single 12-week course in order to teach in an online/hybrid format at the college. The course is called Online Education Standards & Practices (OESP) ($200) and is offered online through the @One Project.

To see if it is currently being offered, click the following link and look for the OESP course. If it is not listed, this means one is currently in session and the next one has not been advertised yet.  There is typically one section offered at the beginning of each academic term.

It is also possible to take four individual 4-week courses through the @One Project to meet the equivalent training requirements. These online courses are Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning ($65), Creating Accessible Course Content ($65), Assessment in  Digital Learning ($65) and the facilitated version of the Introduction to Teaching with Canvas (free).

See the full course catalog with course dates and registration links/information:

You can complete full @One Certificates at your option, but this is not necessary to teach online hybrid courses at PCC.

Note: The DE Dept. will reimburse the cost of these courses upon completion.  Send a copy of your Completion Badge(s) and receipt(s) showing payment to Leslie Tirapelle after the coursework is completed.

The DE Dept. will not reimburse the cost if faculty choose to get credit for salary advancement at PCC (which are the Fresno Pacific courses).  If faculty do need credit units, they will pay for all course fees without reimbursement.

Experience Waivers

  1. Previous Teaching
    If you have taught online at another institution but not PCC, you may be eligible to waive some faculty training requirements. You will need to arrange a meeting with your Division Dean (or coordinator) and the Director of Distance Education to discuss your experience and present a course (or courses) you have taught online. Your course should include all the required elements for an online course from the OEI Course Design Rubric (PDF).
  2. Previous Coursework
    If you have taken the equivalent coursework, you may be eligible to waive some or all of the PCC training requirements. Equivalent courseworkmeans courses that cover the same learning outcomes as the require @One courses:

You will need to provide proof of completion of previous coursework, as well as course descriptions. These can be sent to

  1. Depending on past experience and training, one or more of the courses above may be required to fill in gaps. For example,
    1. You may have taught DE in a 4-year setting, so it my be recommended that you take  Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning, which covers standards, regulations & requirements for distance education instruction at California Community Colleges.
    2. If you have never taught online/hybrid using the Canvas Learning Management System, we may request that you complete the facilitated version Introduction to Teaching with Canvas course.
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