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SmarterMeasure Assessment

SmarterMeasure – Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator is a web-based, diagnostic tool that gives students immediate feedback about their strengths and weaknesses as they relate to online learning. The SmarterMeasure assessment measures six areas of readiness:

  • Life Factors
  • Individual Attributes
  • Learning Styles
  • On-Screen Reading Speed and Comprehension
  • Typing Speed and Accuracy
  • Technical Competency Skills

The assessment takes about 25-30 minutes to complete, although anyone taking the assessment does have the ability to log out and resume at a later date if he or she is unable to complete it the first time through.

To login use the following information:

Username: PCC
Password: lancers

Please include your PCC e-mail address: first name initial
If you do not yet have a PCC email use your personal email.

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Congratulations for taking the first step towards academic success in your online classes!

The State of California’s Online Education Initiative(OEI) has developed an innovative set of interactive tutorials and tools, which may increase your chances of success in any online course. These tutorials are interactive, helpful, and easily accessible.

Whether this is your first time taking online classes, or you have taken a few online courses in the past; you will find that these resources are tailored to your needs and are focused on enhancing the academic and technical skills needed for success in the online learning environment.

Interactive Tutorials

01-Introduction to Online Learning
02-Getting Tech Ready
03-Organizing for Online Success
04-Online Study Skills and Managing Time
05-Communication Skills for Online Learning
06-Online Reading Strategies
07-Career Planning
08-Educational Planning
09-Instructional Support
10-Personal Support
11-Financial Planning

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