What do Classes Look Like?

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What’s a Learning Management System?

Online and hybrid classes at PCC use what is called a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is an online platform that you access over the internet. It’s more than just a software program – it’s a self-contained system where your instructors can post their course materials, assignments, and announcements. Currently the LMS at PCC is CANVAS.

In an LMS you will probably use a lot of different features in your classes. These are just a few of the most common ones:

COURSE CONTENT Where your instructor will post course materials and lessons. In CANVAS you would find these in the MODULES, PAGES and FILES navigation links.
DISCUSSIONS Where you can discuss questions about the course materials with your instructor and classmates.
CONVERSATIONS & CHAT Where you can connect with your instructor and classmates.
SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Where you can connect to others, create, and share materials.
CALENDAR & ANNOUNCEMENTS Where you can check out important upcoming assignment dates and information.
CONFERENCES Where you can take part in synchronous (live) sessions or discussions with your instructor or classmates.
GRADES Where you can check your grades.

What does an LMS look like?

When you log into CANVAS, you’ll get a screen that lists all the classes you are enrolled in that use it.This screen is called the CANVAS Dashboardand includes the:

  1. Global Navigation Menu where you can access your courses and calendar.
  2. Sidebar where you can see your course feeds.
  3. Global Activity Stream where you can see the recent activity from all your CANVAS courses.
CANVAS Demo class welcome screen Click on the course you want to enter, and you’ll get a Home Page that might be set up either with a Course Activity Stream (recent activity in your course) or a set landing page with the Course Menuon the left. This menu will have links to everything you need to get started in your course:

  • Syllabus
  • Modules
  • Announcememnts
  • Additional Tools (Conversations, Chat, Grades, etc.)

How do I use an LMS?

Using an LMS is easy. Since everything is contained within the system, all you need is to log in to your account using your Network ID and a computer or mobile device with a supported Operating System and Browser. You can also access your class on your iPhone or iPad.

To learn more about our current LMS, CANVAS you can check out the CANVAS Student Guide or the CANVAS Video Guide.

Ready to try it out?

Check out our STUDENT DEMO COURSE to get a feel for what an online/hybrid course in CANVAS looks like.


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