What is Distance Education at Pasadena City College?

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What’s an online class?

Just like a traditional face-to-face class, an online class is taught by an accredited instructor. In online classes you will have regular lessons each week — the only difference is that they are delivered electronically using the Internet and other software tools. When you take an online class, you log in to a learning management system called CANVAS via the Internet to access and complete all — or part of – your class lectures, assignments, interactive activities and tests to fulfill the course learning objectives. The same learning objectives, content and textbooks are used for all PCC classes whether it’s fully online, hybrid (online but with some on-campus meetings) or on-campus.

These days, online learning can be just as or even more engaging than a traditional course, since your instructors will use the latest technological tools and teaching methods. More instructors are using multimedia and tools that increase social interactions in class. This makes learning more fun, as people get to know one another and support each other in their online course. Think of it as your new class community!

Are distance education courses easier than on-campus courses?

Surprisingly, distance education courses require as much – if not more — work and time as traditional classes. At PCC all online classes pass a quality standards review, and instructors must take courses that teach them to use the best instructional practices in distance education. The assignments you do will often require a lot of interaction and deep inquiry. But even though online classes can be demanding, you still have the flexibility to work in your pajamas at home if you wish!

Of course, in order to do well in an online class, you should determine if you have the time and skills needed to be successful. Some people actually prefer to learn online versus on-campus because they enjoy using technology, are comfortable with more reading and writing, are self-motivated and can manage their time very well.

What’s the difference between an online & a hybrid class?

In short, online courses meet completely online (via the Internet using CANVAS) whereas hybrid courses have one or more class meetings on campus (such as a lab, orientation or proctored test). For hybrid classes, look for the class footnote in the Schedule of Classes for on-campus meeting dates and times.

What’s a Telecourse?

A telecourse is a type of distance education course that combines lectures, DVD and video streaming with 6 required on-campus meetings per semester, homework assignments and midterm/final exams.

Are distance education classes counted the same as regular classes? Are they transferrable?

Yes. All distance education classes fulfill the same educational requirements as traditional on-campus classes.

What do Classes Look Like? »

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